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Illuminate Your Life with the Power of Light

By Sarah Knowles

Did you know that the light entering your eyes is essential for your body's metabolism? It plays a crucial role in breaking down the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the food we eat and making use of them. However, if we don't have access to the full spectrum of light energy, some of these essential elements may not be activated and utilized properly by our bodies.

Our eyes are the gateway to the brain's brain, also known as the hypothalamus , which controls our biological clock and stress response. This amazing part of our brain takes in the light energy and directs it to the pineal gland, known as the regulator of regulators, which controls every aspect of our body's functions.

You may have heard of malnutrition, but have you ever considered mal-illumination? This occurs when we don't receive the full spectrum of light energy from the sun through our eyes. This lack of light can leave us in the dark- impacting our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development.

Understanding the relationship between light, vitamins, and minerals is crucial. Simply taking supplements may not be enough if we lack proper exposure to light. The light entering our eyes is vital for the bodies metabolism process, ensuring that our bodies fully utilize the nutrients we consume.

In the same way plants need light to grow through the process of photosynthesis, our bodies thrive when exposed to the right balance of light. Imagine the difference in growth if one plant receives more light than the other. Similarly, if different colored glass is placed over plants, affecting the colors they receive, their growth, development, and fruit-bearing abilities would vary. The same principle applies to our bodies, but it is an aspect often overlooked.

In today's world, where most of us spend our days indoors under artificial lighting and environmental conditions far from natural light from the sun, the impact of light on our well-being is even more critical. From cells phone screens, computer screens and small windowless rooms indoors, our visual confinement affects our bodies functioning and overall health. Research now shows lack of infrared light- whether derived from the sun or infrared sauna's contributes to a host of diseases.

Most of understand the chemical process that occurs when our skin is exposed to sunlight with the production of vitamin D. Most don't fully understand the invisible light spectrum benefits and the chemical pathways that occur with differing light colors in the light spectrum known as Biophoton. Biophoton Therapy is the practice of using particular wavelengths of light (photons) which are absorbed by the skin's photoreceptors initiating internal photoreceptors. With thousands of studies now showing benefits of light therapy for pain reduction, inflammatory response, anxiety, depression, metabolic disorders, blood pressure, anti aging, wound healing repair, increased energy, hormone regulation, cardiac improvements, rejuvenation, nitric oxide increase, and cancer, MS- and more. Light therapy cannot be overlooked for any condition as the systemic affects of use are just recently being expanded upon. This non invasive approach to overall health and wellness is easy to add into your daily practice and for most people can be free- simply take a walk outside for a half an hour. For concentrated effects, use of Infrared Sauna is immensely powerful. In my own life, my daily infrared sauna use has allowed me to reduce my dependence of medications to half of what I had been taking. This is what I have been using.

Always check with your medical provider prior to use of medical grade lights to avoid any contraindications. As a skin care professional, I still encourage you to wear sunscreen outdoors especially if you will be out in the sun for more than a half hour. Research indicates a half an hour of natural light outdoors is enough to produce the levels of Vitamin D necessary for most people. Of course this depends on if the weather outside is sunny, overcast or cloudy.

Whether you prefer outdoor natural sunlight or for geographical locations that don't have a lot of sunlight Infrared, is a very viable option and offers sun therapy on a daily basis that is not dependent on inclement weather. The point is to get safe exposure in order to help the processes of the body.

Discover the profound influence of light on our consciousness. Explore more about light and consciousness on Dr. Jacob Liberman's website:

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