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Radiation and Our Skin

As we age, our bodies undergo a series of changes such as wrinkles, loss of tone, dry skin, and more. While most people only notice these signs of aging later in life, cancer patients often experience them earlier due to chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Improving our physical appearance not only boosts self-esteem but also improves the quality of life. In this article, we'll discuss the impact of chemotherapy and hormone therapy on the body and ways to effectively treat the skin to maintain both health and youth.

Chemotherapy treatments are designed to destroy cancer cells, but they also affect healthy cells, leading many patients to age dramatically during treatment. The loss of moisture in the epidermis and the breakdown of essential support structures like collagen and elastin cause fine lines, lack of elasticity, and the disappearance of subcutaneous tissue. Proper skin hydration, along with moisturizers, antioxidant treatments, and sun protection is essential during chemotherapy.

In contrast, hormone therapy works by inhibiting hormone synthesis and/or blocking hormones from attaching to cancer cells. While estrogen is necessary to keep the skin firm, moist, and resistant to skin cancers; too much or too little can cause skin-related issues. It is important to stay hydrated and avoid any products containing estrogen while mitigating any dryness or sallow coloring.

During cancer treatment, corrective makeup can also help reduce discoloration and promote a healthy glow. As cancer patients recover and the skin regains its normal health, the use of anti-aging treatments and products becomes possible. Stem Cells like NeoGenesis Recovery , Bakuchiol, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, peptides, aloe, cucumber rose and other plant extracts can help rejuvenate and restore the skin after treatment.

The NeoGenesis line of ethically sourced Skin Stem Cells offers the most potent form of skin cell products in its Recovery Serum at 70% formulation. Improved skin health, repair and regeneration is paramount after cancer treatment to repair the damage caused by treatment and improving skin health. This essential tool can promote self-confidence, provide comfort, and even improve cancer-fighting abilities. With increased dopamine and serotonin levels during facials, this type of self care can be heaven sent. But an even more beneficial effect is the much needed comfort and care that can be received through an empathetic skin professional. Self care is absolutely essential as a healing, stress reducing principle during throughout the process.

This superstar ingredient is for any anti aging skincare routine. You will find how much healthier your skin feels when you use this exceptional product as it works to hydrate, tone and replenish the skin of the vital cellular structures that degrade with age.

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