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Achieve a youthful appearance with the award winning MBK Microderm device. This Microdermabrasion unit is a portable exfoliating device that effectively removes dead skin cells and impurities while evening out your skin tone and texture. Experience the benefits of it's vacuum lift system, which increases blood flow and promotes oxygen, bringing circulation to the surface of the skin. This stimulates natural collagen production, improving acne scars and giving you radiant, smoother skin. With interchangeable exfoliating diamond tips, you can easily target specific areas on your face, acne scarring, or even acne scarring on the body such as the back and decollete. Maintenance is a breeze with an easy-to-clean design. The different exfoliating diamond tips for face, acne scarring, or the body can be easily interchangeable and easy to clean. Stimulate natural collagen production & improvement of acne scars, while creating more radiant & smoother skin. Transform your skin today!


The Microdermabrasion unit is a gentle, yet effective, hand-held, portable exfoliating device that removes dead skin cells and impurities while helping to even out skin tone and texture. 


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Watch a tutorial here.


Suitable for oily to acne skin types.


At the spa. At home.


MBK Microderm

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