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The Therah2o Structured Water Pitcher uses a multi-stage purification and filtration process to ensure the highest quality water for detoxification. The 6 stage filtration pitcher utilizes both light and energy gemstone processes to remove 99.5% of dissolved solids, including Chlorine, Chloramines, Drug Residues, Fluoride, Lead, Pesticides,  Herbicides, Heavy Metals,  and other Harmful Chemicals. Additionally, the pitcher includes proprietary mineralization technology that infuses alkaline minerals into the water to help boost pH levels. This helps to enhance hydration and can reduce acidity in your body for better overall health. Restructure your tap water with micro-clusters the way nature intended! Great for your animals, plants and improves cellular function too! At a cost of approximately 5 pennies per gallon, one filter lasts up to 400 gallons. Now there is no excuse for drinking poor quality, harmful tap water ever again. This filtered water tastes amazingly clean! Order your pitcher today! Get this a gift for everyone you know that needs clean water. Filter comes separately. 30 day return 


Benefits of using TheraH20

  • Enhanced nutrient absorption
  • Supports healthy body weight
  • Encourages circulation
  • Stimulation of energy and focus
  • Improved skin health
  • Enhances detoxification
  • Eliminates  fatigue and dehydration
  • Promotes a healthier immune function and longevity


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